The organizer of the Festival appoints the jury members of whom one is the President of the jury (International Jury).

Duties of the Festival jury are:

To review all the works that entered the competition and to declare winners according to the propositions and expert estimates – presenting an expert commentary and a written decision signed by all members of the jury. The Festival jury decision shall be unanimous, or if otherwise, shall be brought by the majority. The decision of the jury cannot be appealed upon by the participants of the Festival.

The jury will get to see films previously selected by the festival team who has determined that the films have met the requirements of the festival. The jury will watch them and compile a list of films that are nominated for one of the awards. The films that are selected will be screened during the three-day festival.

Gorjan Tozija

President of the Jury

Over 35 years in the film industry, Gorjan Tozija is working as a production manager, assistant director and a producer. Has worked on more than 50 projects, mostly co-­‐productions with major USA and European studios. He has produced the most awarded Macedonian film “Before the rain” (over 38 awards and a Oscar nomination). The latest production is “The Liberation of Skopje” as a producer, directed by Rade Sherbedzija. For a several years he’s been a director of the Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”.

He is a Member of the European Producer’s Club, European Film Academy; Croatia and Macedonian Film Professionals Associations.

Jury members
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