I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1966. I hold a degree in journalism from the University of Zagreb. In 1987. I started working as a radio reporter on Radio 101. Tanja Kanceljak was born in 1966 in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, Journalism.

From 1987 he collaborated on the then Youth Radio and later on Radio 101, and in 1992 he transferred to the Croatian Radio and Television and works there to this day.

After years of journalistic work in the main editorial office of Dobro jutro Hrvatska, where she mainly did reportage, in 1999 she filmed her first documentary series Chiapas 99.

In 2002, she definitely moved to the HRT Documentary Program, where she works as a screenwriter and director of documentaries.

Over the years, I received several awards and recognitions at film festivals, and participation in numerous seminars and pitching forums abroad and in Croatia.


As full time employee in Documentary program on Croatian television, I have directed and wrote screenplays for documentaries, some of them were awarded. I have attended foreign educational workshops, seminars and courses on documentaries and media, organized by different institutions ( Croatian Television, France 3, BBC, ERNO, University of Tromso and EDN -Documentary Course, Discovery Channel- Almost Real in Munich,)and also some pitching forum as participant and observer (Thessalonniki, Greece; Tallinn, Estonia; Bergen, Norway).

I am a member of Croatian Film Director’s Guild ( DHFR).