A Czech cinematographer (DoP), photographer, pilot, and cameraman for drone (UAS), scuba instructor (SSI), sea captain, conservationist interested in shooting wildlife, marine life, projects aimed at monitoring and protecting the underwater world, encounters with native tribes and their rituals.

Our completed films have won more than 85 awards at international film festivals in Europe and the USA.

We produce documentary films on nature conservation, marine life, and wildlife. The main focus is on the last beautiful places on our planet. What we have today, we don’t have to have tomorrow. When we’ll lose corals and life in the oceans, our entire life will be lost above the water, too.



Escape to Mauritius (1×50′) Full HD
Escape to Tahiti and Here Islands (1×52′) Full HD
Escape to Saint Lucia (1×52′) Full HD
Escape to Vanuatu (1×52′) Full HD
Escape to Papua New Guinea (1×52′) Full HD
Escape to Maldives (1×52′) Full HD

Escape to Costa Rica (3×52′) Full HD/4K UHD
– episode: Connected with the Earth
– episode: Jungle Story
– episode: The Call of the Ocean