MAROJE ZANETIC (1965) born in Dubrovnik where he lives and works as a cameraman and the director of photography. In 1995, he started to shoot for Reuters and AP in different war zones. When he was engaged by the Croatian national TV in 1996, he continued to work on various projects, shooting documentaries, tourist films, promo spots and daily news. Since 2003, is working as a location manager for the Embassy Films in Dubrovnik on various movie pictures and TV serials, of which the most known are: Casanova, the TV mini serials for BBC in 2005, the USA Aminasing Race in 2007, Doctor Who, 2 episodes for BBC in 2010, Three Men Go to Venice, for BBC in 2011 and Game Of Thrones, the HBO serial in 2011.
As a cameraman, Zanetic also filmed numerous tourist films with the late Baldo Cupic.
The Balduci Film Production engaged him to work as a director of photography on the awarded tourist films entitled „Unique Dubrovnik, DUBROVNIK AND RIVIERA –
Magnificent Jewels“. For his tomographic activity, Zanetic was in 2007 awarded by the Croatian Journalist Association with the annual award of „Zarko Kaic“.