• Professionally recorded videos, films and TV reportage’s (hereinafter referred to as “the work”) that meet the expected technical quality and professional standards. The applications will be accepted for the filmed works that cover one of the stated topics and that are in accordance with the required duration and other conditions. The works produced more than three years ago cannot take part at the Festival.
  • All authors from private and national media, as well as independent production, have the right to participate at the Festival whilst respecting the basic criteria of the Festival.
  • Preferred languages versions of videos, films and TV reportages are Croatian and English.
  • All copyrights and music rights of the applied works must be duly regulated and in this respect the Festival shall not bear any cost of royalties or the costs of screening. The regulated copyrights and music rights will be confirmed by the applicant’s signature on the application form.
  • If the work enters the official competition, the applicant shall give his/her consent that the said work itself or some parts of it can be used for the promotion of the Festival, within the framework of its programme schedule as well as in public and private broadcast of the host country. The same applies for the usage on the Festival website. The Festival acquires this right within a completed application form and by the act of the work being sent to the Festival by an author or an authorised agency.
  • The work applied shall not express any kind of racial, religious or political discrimination, defamation and intolerance. Otherwise, the Festival Selection Committee is authorised to dismiss the application of the work from participating in the Festival.
  • Once the films enter the competition, the competitors will be notified of the fact at least a few weeks before the Festival.
Promotional film - up to 15 minutes
  1. Tourism Destinations (city, region, country)
  2. Cultural Tourism
  3. Sports Tourism
  4. Adventure Tourism
  5. Hotels and Resorts
  6. Events, Fairs and Congress
  7. Nature and Rural Tourism
  8. Wine and Gastronomic Tourism
  9. Tourism Services
  10. Religious Tourism
TV reportage or documentary up to 60 minutes
  1. Adventure, Expeditions and Travelling
  2. Environment and Ecology
  3. Nature and Wildlife
  4. Ethnography and Society
  5. Arts, Music and Culture
  6. History and Heritage
  7. Biodiversity Preservation
  8. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism
Tourism communication
  1. Video Travel Bloggers (vlogs)
  2. Advertising Campaigns