Kirill Neiezhmakov is ukrainian timelapse and hyperlapse photographer renowned for his captivating
visual narratives of cities and countries worldwide. With a career spanning over a decade, Kirill’s
innovative approach to storytelling has earned him numerous accolades at international film
festivals. His expertise extends beyond the lens as he has collaborated with prestigious production
studios, renowned brands, and television companies, leaving an significant contribution on the
filmmaking industry.
Kirill's technical proficiency is matched by his creative vision. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, he continues
to push the boundaries of visual artistry, crafting mesmerizing hyperlapses that merge the realms of
time and motion.
Kirill Neiezhmakov's invaluable experience and discerning eye make him a sought-after jury member
for travel film festivals. His contributions to the world of cinematography are an inspiration to
aspiring filmmakers, and his presence on a festival panel adds a dimension of excellence and depth
that enriches the cinematic experience for all.