Lucija Župančić was born in Zagreb. She got her master’s degree in Business Communications from VERN’ University of Applied Science in Zagreb. 

Her career in tourism began at the Head office of the Croatian National Tourist Board where she still works as a Head of the Brand and Production Department. 

Having supported and executed the implementation of the “Croatia. Full of life” brand concept and ensuing campaigns, Lucija and her team also worked on the award- winning Out of Office and Out of Office Award Campaigns (Sabre Awards 2017, MIXX 2017, IdejaX 2017…) as well as the more recent  Croatia Feeds campaign that is now part of Googles first regional case study, and in the last year on the award-winning video production: „Ambassadors od Croatian Tourism“, Citizine Networks and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), „Travel Video Awards“ for „Best Video by a Tourism Organization“ for 2017.